Oil Class

What happens in an essential oil class?

Are you curious about what actually happens at one of my doTERRA essential oil classes?


It can feel a bit abstract, especially when you are new to the idea of essential oils and are yet to find out the incredible amount of things you can use them for.

The purpose of my class is primarily to teach you about 10 of our most used oils.

doTerra Kits & Product Mockups

These are the oils contained in our popular Home Essentials kit and together they create a set of oils that can be used for everything from immune support to skin care. From respiratory support to calming anxiety. Their uses are in the hundreds.

If you are hosting a class, then you have invited and gathered a few of your friends in your home. I will arrive about 15 – 20 minutes before the class starts to set things up and say hello to you ☺

+ At the class start time I begin by giving you and your guests a first hand experience of what essential oils can do in your body and to your emotions.

This exercise helps to show you that they DO indeed have an impact, and they vary greatly on the affect they have, depending on the oil you choose.

+ From there, I introduce you to the basics of what essential oils are and how you can use them.

I will hand you around each of the 10 oils and talk to you about a few of the things that they can do to support your health and general wellbeing. The cool thing is that you get to smell each one and experience the sensations they create in YOUR body.

+ After we have explored the top 10 oils, I will show you a handful more.

I find this part hard as I want to show you ALL of them, but I have to reign myself in as your sense of smell does get saturated. It can get a little overwhelming if you have been shown 30 different oils ☺

Throughout the class there tends to be a few tangents, depending on you and your questions. The class is very communal – I love to hear what you are experiencing and how you are feeling.

One thing I love to observe in a class is the change in people’s postures. By the end of the class people are usually looking very relaxed and have little smiles on their faces. That’s why I love these classes.

+ The final part of the class is where I show you how you can purchase doTERRA oils.

I teach you how to get them at the most cost effective price, and also show you some of the positive impact you are having on developing countries by purchasing this brand.

doTERRA is a worldwide company, and we are able to support growers and distillers all over the world by using their oils.

Some people are super keen and will fill in their enrollment forms at the end of the class. Others like to sit with the options for a bit longer and have a think about what they have learnt, so they take their forms home. Whatever you feel like doing is 100% fine.


My job is to teach you and show you the options. Your job is to enjoy the experience and have fun ☺

I hope that helps you to understand the classes a bit better.

They usually run for 90 minutes. I am also completely happy to run one-to-one classes if you would prefer. It is an honour to spend that time with you.

The classes ARE kid friendly. I have a 6 and 2 year old and they both love the oils. Older children find the whole thing quite fascinating. Babies and toddlers are welcome, we will just make sure we keep the oils on a table so they are not within reach 🙂

If you don’t live in Dunedin, I have successfully run Skype classes. I can send you a little sample pack before the class so you have at least some of the oils to experience as we talk about them.

If you would like to try some samples, book a class in with me, or if you have any general questions, please get in touch with me HERE. It will be a joy to either meet you or catch up with you again with you ☺